How well do you know Bramhall?

Date: 17th Jul 2020 Author: Vanessa Gahagan

How well do you know Bramhall?



  Question Answer
1 How many panes of glass are there in the Bramley Centre?  
2 How many names are there on the War Memorial  
3 What happens at 4.00pm on the fourth Sunday of the month at the United Reformed Church?  
4 How many colours are there on the logo of Cancer Research UK?  
5 Who donated the defibrillator in the precinct?  
6 What is the phone  number of the Village Surgery?  
7 Who is the Minister at Bramhall Methodist Church?  
8 What is the number of the Bramhall & Woodford ATC Squadron?  
9 How many times does their logo appear on the outside of National Westminster Bank?  
10 Where is Centre Point?  
11 How many pillar boxes are there outside Bramhall Post Office  
12 What  time does the Shell Garage on Ack Lane close?  
13 What does Barclays Bank care about?  
14 What does Cuthberts do?  
15 Where has What Lyes Beneath moved to?  
16 Where would you take a pet that needs a vet at weekends to?  
17 How many cars does Meadway Car Park hold?  
18 Where does the Silk Road in Bramhall go?  
19 What time does Bramhall Sorting Office close on weekdays?  
20 Who has helped to keep Bramhall Station looking great since 2007?  
21 Which other company is incorporated with Boots Opticians?  
22 Who does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or belongings whilst parked or left at Bramhall Health Centre?  
23 How many lampposts are there on the platforms at Bramhall station?  
24 Which diocese is St Michael’s Church in?  
25 What would you be looking to buy or sell if you went into Snapes?  
26 What is the phone number of the White House Dental Practice?  
27 What is the penalty if you don’t buy your train ticket in advance?  
28 What is the maximum height of vehicles that could go under the bridge at the railway station?  
29 What 8 things can you expect from Bramhall Post Office?  
30 What is the Library’s Twitter




email your answers to A prize for the first fully correct.

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