Leaders Training

We should all deliver the scouting adventure in a consistent manner not only across the group’s sections but at District, County and Country level. Without that consistency scouting would be too variable and not properly incorporate the “World Wide Family of Scouts”.

To assist this there is a uniformed approach to delivering, assessing and crediting the required skills to be a successful scouting leader. This delivers a stable and consistent approach by all our leaders.

All leaders should work towards achieving their Wood Badge by completing 19 simple modules, as they settle into their role, but within the first three months they should attend a “getting started” training session which delivers Modules 1-3. These are important modules as they cover safety and safeguarding.

In all scouting training the system is in Training, Producing Evidence, and Assessment. The assessment is completed by a training advisor. At 1st Bramhall Paul Winterburn, is a local training advisor & there is a local network to help us, Max Hemingway at 4th Bramhall, and at District level Barbara Murphy, all these people will be pleased to go over your evidence and assess you, they will do this by questioning, checking evidence, observing and discussion. They are in this role to help you pass, not to try and fail you.

In the great majority of cases people simply need to transfer their existing life, work or parental skills into the scouting context, it’s really that simple.

To start please print a copy of this Adult personal file which holds all the information you need and to take you through the Wood Badge modules please make a copy of this Leaders training guide. Your training is recorded on this Personal learning plan. There is also a very good Web learning porthole where many modules can be learnt through e-learning which can be provided as evidence to your training advisor.

Finally if you simply nibble your way through the training and ask an advisor to assess your evidence with you periodically it is a simple non time consuming method that actually helps you completely understand your role in scouting, and will help you enjoy that role all the more.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls